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Watercolor Paints

Advanced Classes

13yrs to 17yrs

                         Exploring the world of advanced art classes can open up a whole new realm of creativity and skill development. In these classes, you can expect to dive deeper into various art techniques, experiment with different mediums, and uncover your unique artistic voice. From mastering intricate brush strokes to understanding complex color theories, advanced art classes provide a stimulating environment for growth and self-expression. Whether you are honing your skills as a painter, sculptor, or mixed media artist, these classes offer a platform to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and create captivating works of art that truly reflect your passion and vision. Embrace the opportunity to expand your artistic horizons and unleash your full creative potential in the world of advanced art classes.

Fees: SGD 100 (4 lessons)

(Material Included)

Each session : 1hr 30min

Maximum Class Size: 3



5pm - 6.30pm 

11am - 12.30pm (FULL)

Contact us for booking

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