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Frequently Asked Questions

About classes

How do I make payment?

1.  PayLah or PAYNOW to Business UEN 53419422B. Please indicate student name in remark and send us your payment Transaction Ref. number.
2.  Visit our studio to make payment via Cash 

What is the class setting like?

A class may be of mixed age group and programs, but personal guidance is given to each student. The teacher to student ratio is capped at 1:3.

Can I stay in the class with my child?

All our classes are drop off class, non-accompanied by parents so as to ensure all students stay focused during the lesson. We do not allow drop ins or observations of the class, because it becomes a disturbance to the class. Plus, some students rather not have people watching while they make art. It makes them uncomfortable.

How many classes required for one artwork ?

 It usually takes students 2 to 3 classes to complete one proper artwork depending on the project and student's pace. Some of the artworks with lots of detail even take 5-10 days .

 We do not rush students, since the quality of the work matters more than quantity.  We do not focus on how many pieces students make but on how much they have learned.

Expectation of 1 complete artwork in one class really reduce the quality of the artwork as well as obstruct the learning process.

I’m a beginner with no prior experience in art classes and zero art knowledge, can I join your art classes?

Yes, off course you can join our art class if you have the passion for it. No prior knowledge is required. What is required is your dedication.

We propose that you dedicate your time to one medium at a time until you are well acquainted with it. 

May I know if I have to bring my own art materials?

We are pleased to inform you that you are not required to bring anything to our art studio expect your water bottle :) if you have registered for our general classes! The cost of the Art materials for the particular Art medium are formally included in the price for your art package.

Though for specialised classes you need to pay for the material which will totally depend on the material you choose to use.

Can I leave my unfinished artwork at the studio?

You can store your uncompleted paintings in our art studio! After the first session, you can write your name on the canvas and leave it in our studio. In the following sessions, you are then able to come comfortably to our art studio, and complete your painting and your materials before you resume painting!

Questions? Contact us today, our team is always ready to help.

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